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Research - e-Learning - Institut d'Informàtica i Aplicacions




ICT applied to education increase collaboration among students, help them focus on learning, improve their motivation and interest, foster their spirit of quest, promote integration and encourage the development of certain intellectual skills such as reasoning, problem solving, creativity and learning to learn. With regards to teachers, computer technologies have been used so far to facilitate the search for learning contents, improve collaboration with other teachers and to plan learning activities.

ICT benefits the development of learning forms such as distance education courses, education for adults and education at hospitals.

However, there are still several lines where research is needed to improve the quality of the education and training provided. Some of the areas the IIiA deals with are:

  • Automatic correction and evaluation of all kinds of problems, both closed-response (tests, multiple choice, etc.) and open-response (software programming, electrical circuits, etc.).
  • Customization of educational content according to the cognitive and learning characteristics of students and to the access technology they use (tablet, smartphone, PC, etc.).
  • Improving existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) by incorporatinginstructional design techniques and the model of the students.
  • Enriching e-learning platforms with social networks and Augmented Reality.
  • Development of graphic-rich virtual environments for teaching any subject.
  • Development of educational videogames for students with learning disabilities
  • Improvement of digital repositories with standardisation, reuse and retrieval techniques for educational contents.
  • Educational robots: Educational platform based on the assembly of  hardware.