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Image-based diagnosis has become an essential tool in any hospital. Besides, modelling physiological processes enables in-depth analysis of certain diseases and the identification of new courses of treatment that have improved patients' quality of life. Moreover, current computers and communication networks allow hospitals to go completely digital. Many more examples showing the benefits of applying ICT to health-care may be presented. However, there is still a long way to go and knowing how to process the information provided in this new environment has become essential. Therefore, new techniques are needed for the proper interpretation of the available information and for the proper knowledge extraction required.

Applying ICT to health-care  is one of the most relevant challenges of the IIiA. That is why part of our research focuses on:

  • New techniques for processing and viewing  radiological images aimed at facilitating and automating image-based medical diagnosis. Our techniques allow automatic computation of injuries and fusion of different image modalities.
  • Virtual environments for planning surgical operations and for training surgeons.
  • Data Mining Tools and Decision Support Systems for medical applications.
  • Tools for telemedicine, telerehabilitation, telecare and remote monitoring.
  • Modelling biological systems and their application to medicine.
  • Modelling, simulation and prediction of glucose metabolism.
  • Artificial Pancreas: development of new effective and safe strategies for glucose control in patients with type 1 diabetes.