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Research - Digital Media - Institut d'Informàtica i Aplicacions

Digital Media



The digital media sector is constantly evolving due to the increasing capacity of communication networks, the ability to manage networks with distributed intelligence, the emergence of the end-user as a content creator and the emergence of networked platforms for consuming and sharing digital media. Therefore R&D is needed to produce new models describing this new scenario and to develop the services required by creators, distributors and end users.

Users increasingly consuming personalized contents anywhere and at any time,  the wide range of distribution platforms, and the vast amount of terminals available for consumers increase the complexity of the ICT systems to be designed to provide digital media services.

The IIiA faces this challenge by researching and developing new applications in the following areas:

  • Management of high-speed networks needed to distribute multimedia services over the Internet including IP-TV.
  • Content accommodation to different display terminals and to the availability of data transmission networks.
  • Robust tools for content recommendation able to capture users' opinions on the content they are consuming, along with their context and  preferences. These tools are also able to spot spam created by outsiders.
  • Creation of virtual environments, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools to deliver more immersive digital content to the end user.
  • Analysis and processing of digital images and videos for automatically or semiautomatically categorizing and indexing large amounts of multimedia data.
  • 2D and 3D visualization techniques that facilitate the interpretation of any kind of information.