MoSHCA: My Mobile and Smart Health Care Assistant

The number of people with chronic diseases like diabetes, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
(COPD), and arthritis is growing worldwide, and at the same time taking an ever -increasing proportion of
national health care budgets. Immediate actions are needed to stem the tide of these diseases and to
introduce cost-effective treatment strategies to reverse the trend. Arthritis or rheumatism is a joint
disease affecting 100 of millions of people around the world. It comes at a great cost to both individuals
through physical symptoms, reduced function and disability. For people suffering from diabetes the
figures are similar. Effective prevention of the diseases also means more cost -effective healthcare. One
important thing for persons with chronic diseases is self-management through appropriate medical selfmeasurements,
behaviours encouragement such as regular exercise, weight control and suitable diet.
Adopting and maintaining such behaviour is not easy, and strategies which assist the individual to
change his behaviour are welcome. Mobile technology and intelligent medical applications may play an
important role in achieving this.

The overall innovation of MoSHCA project is to develop considerable and measurable advances in the
intelligent healthcare system solutions for patients with chronic diseases and general health monitoring
by offering:

  • user-friendly medical applications by using mobile phones and enhancements to sensor technologies
  • and information systems
  • increased intelligence taking into account the various parameters involved in chronic diseases
  • better understanding and solutions for privacy and security
  • increased context awareness of healthcare applications
  • increased reliability and energy consumption for medical sensors and increased inter operability with
  • information systems

People are now using more their mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, than the ?classical‘ devices
like PCs or laptops. Medical mobile applications have recently emerged but without apparent strategy: there
are many applications and it is difficult for the users to find what they are looking for. Therefore, one of
MoSHCA‘s goals is to provide structure and simplicity to the end-users.

MoSHCA focuses on user-centred and inclusive design. This will ensure that the technology developed
is usable, accessible and ergonomic, and thereby cater for the wide spectre of design needs found for
patient populations in particular and the whole population in general. This is especially important in
health applications when you take into account the usability needs that people with chronic diseases,
disabilities and elderlies require.

The project will have medical significance in Europe and worldwide. The expected results are going to fall into
medical advancements. By using intelligent self-management healthcare applications, it is possible to
achieve an effective care of chronic diseases and cost-effective medical practices. The project also creates
new business opportunities in mobile, intelligent health assistance and multimedia systems.

Start: 01/01/2013

End: 31/03/2016

Funder: MINECO

UdG Grant: € 153,264

IIiA Coordinator: Beatriz López


Institut d'Investigació Biomèdica de Girona

Answare Tech

Planet Media

See also https://itea3.org/project/moshca.html for the remainder (non Spanish) partners.