Computer Networks


TRION: Inter-domain, reliable and transparent overlay network

TRION aims at developing a new reliable, transparent overlay network able to offer the best service among different domains regardless of the underlying technologies used by different network operators.

The Internet Protocol (IP) is broadly providing a common infrastructure which integrates multiple services and networks. Wireless and fixed communication systems rely on the IP addressing to communicate and to get access to remote locations. Access technologies used in the Internet such as UMTS, WiFi, WiMax and WDM optical networks coexist creating a unified IP platform. Nevertheless, widely speaking the Internet only provides services without protection against failures or service degradation. Internet Service Providers just offer quality of service and protection options inside their own network domain. However, this is not the case in an ‘interdomain’ (end-to-end) scenario where the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is used as a routing mechanism. BGP is usually manually configured, relatively static, and it has slow response time when network disruptions occur. Moreover protection and fast interdomain recovery mechanisms are difficult to implement due to the reluctance of Network Service Providers to share internal information or configuration details with their neighbours.

Emergency and special services, for example, telemedicine or on-line business require continuous services without disruptions and this cannot be guaranteed in current Internet interdomain scenarios. There are proposals for interdomain protection but these are complex and therefore impractical. The use of overlay networks are an alternative that offers service reliability, however, current overlay network proposals are devised for specific services and show scalability problems. In addition, these overlay networks only operate with specific service provider functionalities and the use of diverse protection mechanisms is limited.

This research project proposes a novel overlay network called Transparent Reliable Interdomain Overlay Network (TRION) which aims to offer the best reliable interdomain service for a wide range of services and to be independent of the technology used by the network provider. TRION uses a wide range of protection / restoration mechanisms and can select the best option in every situation. TRION offers an optimum scalability range and it adapts automatically the topology and operation conditions according to changes in the underlying infrastructure. These functionalities are performed without the collaboration of the network providers. Furthermore, TRION is flexible and permits their participation if required.

In summary, TRION users obtain interdomain reliability which is not offered in current Internet. As a result TRION can carry traffic without disruptions and hence emergency and special services can be provided.

Start: 01/10/2010

End: 31/12/2012

Funder: MICINN

Grant: € 44,649

IIiA Coordinator: Josep Lluís Marzo