Vitality: Monitoring & Managing your health and well being

Vitality aims to develop an intelligent broker to improve citizens' health and wellbeing. Given a patient's biophysical data collected by multiple sensors, the broker will select the e-health service which best suits the patient.

Vitality will develop an intelligent broker that will be placed between the vast amount of data in the user's context provided by sensors belonging to the Internet of Things and the plurality of health and well-being applications available in the Internet of Services, which support the user in her daily activities. Thus, the broker will act as a bridge connecting the sensor domain and the service domain in a more flexible way (many to many, application independent, sensor independent and the like).

Vitality is an application-driven project: two applications in the field of wellbeing (mental health and mothers and child care) and two in the field of health (cardiovascular rehabilitation and glucose level and diabetes management) will drive the specifications, design and implementation of the requests the broker receives, the services it selects and will be used to validate the results of the project. Vitality will result in economically attractive solutions.

Start: 04/05/2011

End: 30/12/2014

Funder: MICINN

Grant: € 158,827

IIiA Coordinator: Josep Vehí


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