RECOGNITIC is an IT platform to create and share multimedia contents useful for cognitive rehabilitation and e-learning. RECOGNITIC boosts virtual communities made up of physicians, patients and their relatives.

RECOGNITIC is currently being developed by researchers at GILAB and by physicians at the Institut d'Assistència Sanitària's Memory and Dementia unit.

RECOGNITIC aims at offering a cognitive rehabilitation service tailored to the needs of every individual patient and at an affordable cost for national health systems.

RECOGNITIC's main innovations are:

•    It allows patients to work from home. As it reduces by 80% the number of trips, patients reduce travelling time and expenses.
•    It automates numerous processes and improves the personalized service physicians can provide to patients.
•    It trains and supports patients' relatives through all the stages of the illness.
•    It keeps a record of all the information generated by the rehabilitation process. Once analysed, this information results in knowledge useful to improve the course of treatment for the patient and to improve RECOGNTIC itself.

Own Project: GILAB

IIiA Coordinator: Imma Boada

Partners: Institut d'Assistència Sanitària