e-CECILIA aims to develop an interactive videogame to learn how to play musical instruments.

Anyone interested in learning music, either self-taught or with a guide, will have e-CECILIA at his disposal. e-CECILIA provides the student with feedback about his performance i.e. if the music he played followed the score appropriately, indicates any deviations, suggests tips to improve and proposes exercises.

In order to make such a learning tool attractive, the student has to play a video game. In the market, there are several music-based games such as Guitar Hero and Sing Star which have gained wide acceptance. However, players do not learn music with them.

With e-CECILIA players will enjoy learning music. The videogame will become an interface between the player and the musical instrument, and as the performance of the player improves, he will be able to pass through the different stages of the game.

e-CECILIA incorporates state-of-the-art multimedia technologies, videogames concepts,  interactivity and 3D.

Start: 04/05/2011

End: 03/05/2013

Funder: MICINN

Ref:  IPT-2011-0885-430000

Grant: € 123,681

IIiA Coordinator: Mateu Sbert


Universidad de Málaga