ALTER-NATIVA: Incorporation of technology into curricula to address heterogeneous students

In this project the IIiA designs curricula for disciplines such us languages, mathematics and science which are used in programs to train teachers to deal with heterogeneous students. The curricula focus on education and diversity, and help identify the technologies needed to educate heterogeneous populations.

The consortium of ALTER-NATIVA carry out specific actions in five educational areas which have not been developed enough in Latin American countries:

•    Study of curriculum invariants and variants for teacher training programs considering education and diversity.
•    Technological design of learning environments suitable for  a wide range of populations, means to access knowledge and ways to communicate and interact. ALTER-NATIVA will apply ICT to optimize interaction among people and among them and educational contents.
•    Development of language as a gateway to learning, a form of socio-cultural involvement and a factor of identity development. Special emphasis will be placed on students with special needs. Besides, students' linguistic, socio-economic, sensory and ethnic  characteristics will be taken into account. The ultimate goals are to decrease the academic and digital divide and to foster democratic societies in Latin America.
•    Learning mathematics and science as a way to understand and live in the world.
•    Improve training programs in order to increase the currently small number of individuals fully trained to deal with diversity, and to upgrade their educational expertise and skills.

Start: 27/01/2011

End: 26/01/2013

Funder: MICINN

Grant: € 145,000

IIiA Coordinator: Ramon Fabregat


Universidad Distrital Francisco José de caldas
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Universidad Pontificia Católica de Valparaíso
Universidad Nacional de San Juan
Universidad Centroamericana José  Simeón Cañas
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de México
Universidad de las Regiones Autónomas de la Costa Caribe Nicaragüense
Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa