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The Institute of Informatics and Applications, IIiA, is a research institute at the University of Girona. It is highly active in research, both basic and industry-oriented, as well as in technology transfer in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The IIiA was established in 1996 and currently has 90 researchers, 40 of whom with a PhD, who carry out R&D at both national and international levels.

The IIiA research staff belongs to three different departments:

  • Department of Computer Architecture and Technology
  • Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automatics
  • Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics

The mission of the IIiA is to expand the knowledge base on ICT and build on them to develop new applications improving the quality of life of people and increasing the efficiency of both companies and administrations.

The objectives of the IIiA are the following:

  • To promote research activities, technology transfer and specialized training in the field of IT.
  • To foster and coordinate interdisciplinary projects using the different areas of expertise of its members.
  • To encourage research and development projects leading to innovation and technology transfer contracts.
  • To increase the University of Girona's involvement in IT research partnerships.

The IIiA is made up of four research groups:

Based on its unique expertise, the IIiA offers a broad range of products and services:

  • Research and development
    • Research studies
    • Development of new technologies, products and services
    • Local, national and European funding for Research and Development projects
  • Knowledge and technology transfer
    • Master and PhD programs, professional training
    • Exchange programs for researchers, lecturers and students
    • Technology transfer to companies
    • Consultancy services