Jordi Poch at the 'VI Simposio Internacional de Ingeniería Industrial'


Jordi Poch, member of the GILAB research group, will take part in the "VI Simposio Internacional de Ingeniería Industrial: Actualidad y Nuevas Tendencias 2013". Jordi Poch is going to give the paper "Proyecto ACME: Evaluación Continuada y Mejora de la Enseñanza". ACME is an e-learning platform able to automatically correct open-ended exercises and assess the performance of students. A video on ACME can be watched here.

The event is organised by the Universidad de Carabobo (Venezuela), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia), Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and REDI4 an international network of researchers in the field of industrial engineering. The event will be held in Bogotá on July 24th - 26th. For more information, visit the web of the symposium.