GILab is developing a new videogame based on 'El Quijote de la Mancha'


GILab is preparing a new videogame about Miguel de Cervantes' flagship novel. Dr. Mateu Sbert is leading this project, which will be focused on the chapter of the windmills.

'El Quijote' is GiLab's newest educational game. It is based on the chivalry novel written by Miguel de Cervantes. In this game, the user can control several characters such as Don Quijote or Sancho Panza in order to re-enact several adventures that take place in the book. This game will focus on the chapter eight of the novel where Don Quijote must face the windmills.

El Quijote has not an official release date. However, GILAB has other educational videogames such as 'Legends of Girona’ which recently has been officially introduced to the public.  Legends of Girona renders medieval Girona in 3D and allows for the re-enactment of several legends that took place in the town in that era.

The teaser of El Quijote is available.