Students of the MSc in Smart Cities visit Schiedam


Over the first week of February, 11 students of the UdG's Master's degree  in Smart Cities visited Schiedam, the Netherlands. Schiedam, a 76,000 inhabitant city with an active strategy in smart cities, is Girona's sister city for the current edition of the master. This means that the practical works and master theses of the students address smart city challenges posed by Schiedam's municipality.

During the visit the students worked together with their Dutch tutors and gained firsthand experience of the challenges Schiedam's Municipality faces such as making best use of IT and innovation to create a more attractive city centre, support entrepreneurship, upgrade industrial and business parks and promote active citizenship. The visit also included a master class in smart cities, with talks delivered by Prof Josep Lluís de la Rosa (UdG), Dr Haydee Sheombar (KanKan Tree Schiedam) and Dr Wouter Jacobs (Erasmus University of Rotterdam) and a dinner with Mr Cor Lamers, Mayor of Schiedam.