Schiedam agrees to participate in the MSc in Smart Cities


On 10 March the City Council of Schiedam, the Netherlands, agreed to participate in the UdG's MSc in Smart Cities. Therefore, Schiedam will become Girona's next sister city and collaborate with the appropriate development of the degree.

The collaboration with Schiedam will be twofold. Firstly, Girona and Schiedam will exchange best practice and experiences in the field of smart cities. Secondly, Schiedam will collaborate with the UdG's MSc in Smart Cities by becoming a testbed for the 2015-2016 edition of the master's. This means that master's students will carry out their practical projects in the Dutch city.

Since Sabadell is Girona's sister city for the 2014-2015 edition, the master's students are currently carrying out practical projects in Sabadell. The practical projects of the first edition (2013-2014) were applied to Girona.

Girona, Sabadell and Schiedam are members of Eurotowns, a network bringing together cities with a population ranging from 50,000 to 250,000. This triple collaboration is also reported on Eurotown's website at the following link: