Albert Pla presents MoSHCA at ARTEMIS - ITEA 2015 Co-summit


Albert Pla, member of the eXiT research group, presented the results of the project MoSHCA at the ARTEMIS - ITEA 2015 Co-summit. The two-year ITEA project (Label 11027) has developed intelligent healthcare solutions for patients with chronic diseases and general health monitoring by means of medical sensors and smartphones. At the MoSHCA stand visitors were able to see how MoSHCA can be applied to monitor premature born babies, monitor the gait of patients undergoing rehabilitation and detect epileptic seizures.  Albert Pla also informed about the MoSHCA in the Speakers Corner.

The ARTEMIS - ITEA 2015 Co-summit took place in Berlin on 10 - 11 March. MoSHCA was funded by the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness (reference: IPT2012-0943-300000). Dr Beatriz López coordinated it at the University of Girona.