Girona applies Smart Urban Planning


On 20 February, the Mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont, and the Director of the Girona Smart City Chair, Lluïsa Marsal announced a pilot plan to find out how the citizens of Girona spend their time in order to improve future town planning. The two-month pilot will be a real-case application of Smart Urban Planning (SUP), a method patented by Dr Marsal which uses an innovative conversion rule to transform the daily distribution of  urban time use into quantities of urban land use.

By means of a web-based survey any citizen will be able to state how she spends her time in the city and to express how she would like to spend it in the future. The pilot scheme will result in useful information on how time is spent in municipal facilities, travelling or leisure activities. It will also be a way of promoting public engagement with the town planning of Girona.

Dr Lluïsa Marsal is member of the eXiT research group and of the Institute of Informatics and Applications.