MoSHCA completes its second year successfully


MoSHCA is a two-year EUREKA ITEA2 project (Label 11027) that develops intelligent healthcare solutions for patients with chronic diseases and general health monitoring by means of medical sensors and smartphones. On 22 January, Dr Beatriz López and Dr Albert Pla, members of the eXiT research group, took part in a meeting where the outcomes of the second year of the project were presented. The meeting took place in Madrid and was attended by ITEA2's representatives, supported by two international reviewers. Since the Dutch partners play a significant role in the project, a representative of the Dutch funding agency also attended the event.

Albert Pla presented the main innovations resulting from the project: friendly environment featuring non-intrusive sensors, medical decision-making taking into account the context, and interoperability with a subset of SNOMED-Clinical Terms. Several apps were demoed at the meeting with applications such as monitoring premature born babies at home, monitoring the gait of patients undergoing rehabilitation, detecting epileptic seizures, preventing hypertension, predicting exacerbations in chronic obstructive diseases, controlling the diet and physical exercise to reach a weight target and detecting pre-eclampsia in pregnant women. The first two applications use technologies developed by eXiT.

MoSHCA is funded by the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness (reference: IPT2012-0943-300000). Dr Beatriz López coordinates it at the University of Girona.