BENEFIT project awarded a grant


Two research groups of the IIiA, eXiT and GILAB, are participating in BENEFIT, an international R&D project belonging to EUREKA's ITEA3 cluster (ITEA3 label 13031). BENEFIT is led by Philips Healthcare and aims to improve patient stratification and treatment by quantifying and integrating pre-interventional and intra-interventional images and data into personalized models for workflow and Clinical Decision Support Systems. The Ministry for Industry, Energy and Tourism has given an award to the Spanish members of the consortium in the framework of its AEESD (Strategic Action for  Digital Economy and Society). The reference of the award is TSI-100103-2014-89. Joaquim Meléndez, co-director of eXiT, and Imma Boada, senior researcher at GILAB, will lead the IIiA's participation in the project.