Yeimy Morales at EMBL Frontiers in Fungal Systems Biology


Yeimy Morales, researcher at MICELAB, participated at the EMBL Conference 'Frontiers in Fungal Systems Biology'. The event took place at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre in Heidelberg, Germany on 28 - 30 September. Yeimy presented the poster 'Experimental validation of an FBA model of Pichia pastoris growth in glycerol, glucose and methanol'. The poster illustrates the collaborative work done by UdG researchers Yeimy Morales, Josep Vehí and Francisco Llaneras, along with Marta Tortajada at Biopolis SL and Jesús Picó at UPV.

Yeimy Morales is a PhD student at the Institute of Informatics and Applications. Under the supervision of Dr Francisco Llaneras she is developing a PhD thesis on constraint-based metabolic models and their application in industrial biotechnology.