MICELAB book on Wind Turbine Control and Monitoring


SPRINGER, a prestigious publisher in science and engineering, has released a book on wind turbine control and monitoring whose main editor is MICELAB researcher Dr Ningsu Luo. Dr Yolanda Vidal and Dr Leonardo Acho, members of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia's CoDAlab, are also editors of the book. The 438-page book is available both on paper and electronically, includes 310 illustrations and is part of the "Advances in Industrial Control" series. Its ISBN is 978-3-319-08412-1.  

The book, which brings together contributions by internationally renowned experts and researchers, describes the new knowledge, methodologies and algorithms for control and monitoring, as well as computing tools for modelling and simulation. It also brings forward the state-of-the-art techniques for wind turbine development focusing on fault monitoring and diagnose, systems for energy conversion, and fault-tolerant cooperative control to maximize wind energy generation and reduce maintenance costs.