DICOMA final review


Andrés El-Fakdi and Roberto Petite, members of the eXiT research group, took part in the final  review meeting of the project DICOMA. The meeting took place at the premises of INDRA, the project coordinator, in Madrid on 15-17 July. Disaster Control Management is an ITEA2-labelled  project (10031)  which aims to provide decision makers with effective tools to deal with natural disasters and emergencies like fires and hurricanes. During the meeting, the consortium demoed an emergency control centre using DICOMA tools to deal with a fire.

DICOMA has developed a Decision Support System to support emergency control centres in cases of natural disasters . Within the project, eXiT has been in charge  of feeding the Decision Support System with the appropriate similar past cases so that it can recommend the correct actions. The project is supported by the Spanish Ministry for Industry (MINETUR) with grant TSI-020400-2011-55.