LISSA article wins award


An article on LISSA, the serious game developed by GILAB to teach and learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills, has won the best article award at CTLT 2014. The Global Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology was hosted by Asia Pacific International Academy and took place in Singapore on 9 - 11 July. The winning article, entitled "LISSA: A Serious Game to Learn Automated External Defibrillators Use" was presented by Mateu Sbert, Director of GILAB, at the conference. LISSA's intense academic activity is supplemented with exhibitions addressed to final users like hospitals. Imma Boada, senior researcher at GILAB, presented LISSA at Palamos Hospital. Her presentation was part of Enredadosensalud 2014, a workshop on educational tools for healthcare centres held by Unió Consorci Formació.