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MIREIA: User modelling and recommendation of audiovisual contents (Internet TV) for web 2.0 environments.

MIREIA will produce an audiovisual content recommendation engine geared towards both the marketing and the content markets. The engine will be used as a powerful platform to develop the audio-visual services required by the Internet of the Future. MIREIA will be delivered following the model of Software as a Service and will smoothly integrate into the platforms used to produce contents and to deliver them to end-users.

MIREIA is a project aimed at developing a content recommendation engine which will lay the foundations for the development of a wide range of services  needed by the audiovisual ecosystem defined by the Future Internet, especially in the fields of contents for networks and contents for the Internet. It will be offered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform which will be adopted by content producers, media agencies, audiovisual platforms and end users.

This recommendation is based on the user model, which has been developed by measuring her audiovisual consumption habits and by analysing the way she interacts with her environment, especially with social networks. Thus hybrid techniques will be applied in order to  mix heterogeneous information and to model the user. The modelling of user profiles is  based on:

•    Preferences for audiovisual contents, whether professional or not, will be modelled with advanced techniques for measuring audiovisual consumption in multi-terminal networks, for analysing user behaviour and data searched for.

•    People's presence in Web2.0 social networks results in the posting of comments, reviews, tags and bookmarks. All this information along with their context (friends, contacts) will be exploited in order to improve the recommendations for a search term. The recommendation not only will use semantic proximity and probabilities but also other users' tastes and previous experiences.

The  user data is collected only when her consent is given and the process takes place according with strict privacy and security policies.

Start: 04/05/2011

End: 03/05/2014

Funder: MICINN

Budget: € 95.978,45

IIiA Coordinator: Ramon Fabregat


Lavinia Interactiva, SL
Politecnical University of Madrid
Media Planning Group, SA