ACME: Virtual environment to improve education

ACME is an e-learning web platform developed at the University of Girona. ACME has a wide range of advanced features that are not supported by other common e-learning platforms such as Moodle and Sakai.

ACME currently features a catalogue of 3,500 exercises to learn 60 subjects. Over 5,500 students at most of the faculties of the University of Girona (Polytechnic, Business Studies, Science, Tourism and Nursing) use ACME on a regular basis to supplement classroom education. It is also used in some secondary schools. ACME works as a stand-alone platform but it may be also integrated into Moodle.

The wide range of exercises and activities in ACME's single repository are catalogued by subject matter, difficulty level, etc. Teachers are free to use them in the way that best suits their needs.

ACME generates a wide range of similar exercises from a base model with parameters. This feature allows the system to assign different exercises to each student, so students' notebooks are customized and copies are avoided.

ACME features a fully-automated correction of a wide range of open-response exercises. In this kind of exercises students are not limited to choose one of the possible solutions the system shows but freely enter their response through different interfaces designed specifically for each type of problem. In this way teachers need not correct the exercises, the system does it automatically, so the time spent on assessment and correction is greatly reduced.

Automated assessment of any student as ACME evaluates the activities she has carried out.

ACME has a wide range of automatic correctors which allow the correction of:

•    Exercises where a mathematical development is required
•    Computer programming exercises
•    Databases exercises.
•    Exercises of chemical nomenclature, formulas and reactions.
•    standard exercises

ACME also allows non-automatic correction (to be performed by the teacher).

Own Project:
Departament d'Informàtica i Matemàtica Aplicada
Escola Politècnica Superior

Relevant figures:
5,500 Students
3,500 Exercises
     60 Subjects

IIiA coordinators:
Jordi Poch
Josep Soler