Open Co-creation

Open Co-creation: Collaborative creation of open educational resources and practices for diversity 

There is a need in society to improve the conditions for inclusion in the education system, this is understood as the consideration of the needs and preferences of all students in the teaching-learning.

There is also an international agreement stating that the search for equity in education, reflected in all students having equal opportunities of access to education, has a positive impact on the achievement of a society with more opportunities for everyone.

The research team at the University of Girona and the team linked to this proposal, called "collaborative creation of open educational resources and practices for diversity (Open Co-Creation)", has achieved positive and promising results in a number of interesting European and national projects which promote the promotion of a more inclusive culture and are fully described in this proposal.
The development and analysis of the results of these projects has strengthened the notion that the work of teachers in networks to facilitate their sharing of knowledge and experiences in achieving a more inclusive educational culture is an important factor to improve processes of attention to the needs and preferences of all students.
Similarly, it has been identified that the processes of collaborative resources creation and open educational practices is a necessary condition for achieving quality artifacts, which, from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, consider the reality of students in a integral manner in order to meet the needs and preferences of all students.
In this context, at the Open Project Co-Creation we look to promote the creation of networks of teachers from different educational levels, to strengthen their teaching practices in the adoption of practices and the development of open educational resources, through the provision of a technological infrastructure that promotes attention to the diversity of stakeholders in the education system and answering interesting scientific challenges such as generating analytical learning and recommendations that promote reflection and improvement of teaching skills.

Start: 1/1/2015


End: 31/12/2017


Funder: MINECO


Grant: € 52,756


Coordinator: Ramon Fabregat