Computer Networks


TIGER 2: Together IP, GMPLS and Ethernet Reconsidered

TIGER2 aims to develop a new network architecture integrating IP, GMPLS and Ethernet protocols in order to improve the services offered and to reduce operational costs.

TIGER2's main goal is to develop new network architectures and technologies enabling the provision of all kinds of services, both fixed and mobile, on a unique infrastructure. They will provide the Quality of Service required by the different types of applications (voice, video, data, etc.) while at the same time optimizing provision costs (CAPEX - Capital Expenses -  and OPEX - Operational Expenses - ). This will mean a radical change from the current situation where different technologies must coexist in order to provide different services.

Start: 22/07/2008

End: 31/12/2010

Funder: MITYC

Grant: € 88,935

IIiA Coordinator: Josep Lluís Marzo


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