EduBODY: Educational Body Platform

EduBODY is an educational platform designed for teaching any subject related to the human body and requiring reconstructions in two and three dimensions or graphical illustrations. EduBODY integrates e-learning  features and advanced techniques for medical data visualization. EduBODY can display any kind of medical image such as CT scans or MRIs.

The platform supports two working modes: teacher and student:

•      Teachers can prepare educational contents with a high graphical component for lessons. In addition, they can organize these contents according to subjects, sections and subsections. The educational contents are recorded in a common repository that if desired can be shared with other teachers. Based on these contents, teachers can define different types of exercises. EduBODY features an automatic exercise correction module which simplifies the task to the teacher. The exercises are also recorded in a common repository.

•      Students can access the educational contents developed by teachers and solve the proposed exercises. LISSA records all the actions performed by the students so the teacher can check at any time and anywhere the work done by his students.

EduBODY has been designed to be applied at any educational level: from the most basic levels for which illustrative visualization techniques are used, to colleges or hospitals in which more realistic techniques are needed.

EduBODY has been developed by the Graphics and Imaging Laboratory at the University of Girona with the assessment of the Faculty of Medicine.

Own Project: GILAB

Partners: Facultat de Medicina

IIiA Coordinator: Imma Boada