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ENERGOS: Technologies for the smart and automatic management of the future grid

ENERGOS conducts research on the basic elements smart grids need in order to manage in real time all multidirectional energy flows that will take place in the power grid of the future. This grid will be supplied with many renewable energy sources at different levels and also will give customers higher control over the way the consume electricity. The grid of the future will be more efficient and will take into account electric cars, which will consume but also supply power to the grid.

ENERGOS is structured according to the technologies needed to tackle several challenges:

Business Management

•    Technologies for a new network operation environment, including tools for simulation and state estimation, for active demand management and planning, and for optimizing operations.

Platform Integration and Communication
•    Technologies for real-time acquisition and process of information taking into account the vast amount of data generated and its uncertain availability.
•    Infrastructure needed to manage and recharge electric vehicles.
•    Technologies required to control and supervise micronetworks. These are local distribution networks which can be connected to the global distribution network or operate on their own.

Smart Network Devices

•    New techniques for signal acquisition
•    Development of smart devices for the automatic recording and  operation of networked elements.

Start: 16/09/2009

End: 31/12/2012

Funder: MICINN

Grant: € 438,781

IIiA Coordinator: Joaquim Meléndez

Unión Fenosa Distribución, SA


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