Girona Legends

Girona Legends is a serious game that allows players to discover the city's 7 medieval legends.

Serious games have both educational and playful purposes. In Girona Legends, players can get acquainted with the most significant legends, places and characters in medieval Girona.

At the beginning, the game shows modern Girona so that players can visit its landmarks. By interacting with characters and objects, players can jump to medieval times and take part in the legends that took place in that time such as the one revolving around Sant Narcís' flies. Players are challenged with riddles connected with the legends. In order to solve them, players will have to visit monuments, buildings and streets of the old town such as its Romanesque cathedral and its catacombs.

From a technological point of view, Girona Legends features the latest computer graphics technologies in illumination, geometry and visualization developed by the Graphics and Image Laboratory (GILAB).

The videogame has been developed jointly with the  ICT applied to Education research group (GRETICE) at the University of  Girona. Girona Legends has also been made possible thanks to the Girona's city council collaboration. The former was in charge of the plot of the game whereas the latter's Territorial Analysis Unit (UMAT) provided town planning information.

Own Project: GILAB

IIiA Coordinator: Mateu Sbert