SEPS project general assembly


Sergio Herraiz and Xavier Berjaga, members of the eXiT research group, took part in the 2014 SEPS project general assembly. The event took place at the Universidad Corporativa Gas Natural Fenosa, in Madrid on 23 January. SEPS is a two-year long R&D project funded by the Spanish Ministry for Economics and Competitiveness and coordinated by Gas Natural Fenosa. The eXiT group of the IIiA, led by Joaquim Meléndez, is a partner of the consortium. SEPS will develop an expert system to foresee incidents affecting the electrical grid. Within the project, eXiT is working on new algorithms to discover patterns in the incidents caused by weather events such as rain, wind and snow. These algorithms will help foresee future incidents if the weather forecast is known.