Dr. Weiliang Meng gives a seminar


On 9 January Dr. Weiliang Meng, a researcher at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave the seminar "Geometric Processing on Models and Images". During his talk he shared several of his geometry processing methods that can be used for 3D modeling and for rendering real-world objects and scenes with realistic effects. These methods try to improve previous works, to overcome the limitations of currently available hardware and to obtain valid results.

Invited by Prof Mateu Sbert, Dr Weiliang Meng is enjoying a one-month research stay at the GILAB research group of the Institute of Informatics and Applications. He came to Girona on 15 December and will go back to China on 15 January. During the research stay he is conducting R&D on information theory in collaboration with Prof Mateu Sbert. He is also trying to improve his own 3D model deformation work with the help of Prof Mateu Sbert.