Rubén García research stay at Hasselt EDM


Rubén García, researcher of the GILAB research group, has spent a month, from November to December, at the Hasselt University Expertise Centre for Digital Media (EDM), Belgium. During his research stay he carried out R&D on immersive rendering and interaction techniques. More specifically, he tested some of the serious games developed by GILAB, like Girona Legends, on the cutting-edge displays and interaction devices available at EDM such as immersive domes, VR headsets and autostereoscopic monitors. During his stay at EDM he also gave the talk "Expressive rendering, immersion, procedural modelling and other techniques for videogames". The collaboration will continue with another research stay planned for next March.

Rubén García has a PhD in computer science and is a member  of the Institute of Informatics and Applications.