José Luis Marzo Adjunct Professor at Kansas State University


José Luis Marzo, senior researcher at the Institute of Informatics and Applications, has been appointed as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University, USA. Marzo is codirector of the Broadband Communications and Distributed Systems research group and carries out R&D on broadband computer networks, the Internet of Things and Telemedicine. Over the last few years José Luis Marzo has cooperated with Caterina Scoglio, Professor at Kansas State University and member of the Sunflower Networking Group (SNG).  BCDS and SNG share research objectives in epidemic networks. BCDS has large experience in the area of network robustness in multiple failures scenarios mean while SNG is expert in epidemic models. This fact allows a common work complementing respective expertise.

 Marc Manzano, PhD student at BCDS is currently at Kansas State University doing a 6-month research stay on this field.