Project MoSHCA starts


In the month of March researchers from eXiT research team of the IIiA met with physicians of Hospital Dr. Josep Trueta to work on the project MoSHCA. The project aims to develop smart healthcare systems enabling premature babies to be looked after at home. The systems are also useful for chronic illnesses.

Every year some 500,000 babies are born earlier than expected. They need special care until their organs and systems don't need external support. It has been proved that this period of time may be reduced if the baby is looked after at home. MoSHCA develops an IT infrastructure thanks to which care giving at home will be easier. Care will be given under the supervision of the baby's parents. Parents will have at their disposal medical sensors and smartphones and will be permanently in contact with physicians.

MoSHCA is a EUREKA project within the cluster ITEA-2. It has been funded by EU FEDER funds and by a INNPACTO grant awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. For more information and contact: