eXiT and IdIBGi project wins VHIR innovative healthcare prize


NoaH, a project that improves home monitoring of premature born babies, won the second prize  in the Vall d'Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) Innovation Healthcare Contest. The prize, worth € 2,500, was  awarded to Neonatologist at Home (NoaH)  in the category of innovation in healthcare practice. NoaH is a multidisciplinary research project jointly carried out by the eXiT research group and the Girona's Institute of Biomedical Research (IdIBGi). eXiT technologists Beatriz López, Albert Pla, Natàlia Mordvanyuk, Jordi Coll, Cristòfor Nogueira, Àngels Villar and Francisco Gamero teamed up with IdIBGi's paediatricians, neonatologists and researchers Abel López, Cristina Armero, Eva Bargalló and Judith Bassols. NoaH allows parents to measure the vital signs of a premature born baby at home, collect other relevant clinical information, and send them to hospital whenever necessary by using Artificial Intelligence applications, medical wireless sensors and smartphones.