BCDS participated at AUMENTA.ME 2015, a conference on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applied to education.  The event, which brought together 200 specialists in the field, took place in Zaragoza on 9 May. BCDS's researchers Ramon Fabregat, Silvia Baldiris, Hendrys Tobar, Jorge Bacca and Cecilia Avila presented the paper "UdG's experiences at creating educational activities with AR". Some of these experiences are educational videogames to learn logic and spatial skills, books enriched with videogames, virtual jigsaws and an application to show vocational students how to repair car paint. The AR educational contents have been tested in primary and secondary schools in Girona and Columbia.

Ramon Fabregat is co-director of the BCDS research group. His research interests include the use of new technologies (AR, educational videogames) to produce inclusive educational contents. Silivia Baldiris won a PhD in computer science at the University of Girona. Hendrys Tobar, Jorge Bacca and Cecilia Avila are PhD students at the University of Girona.