Albert Pla at AAMAS 2015


Albert Pla, researcher of the eXiT research group, participated at AAMAS 2015, the 14th International Conference on Autonomous Agents & Multiagent Systems. The event, which included several workshops, tutorials and demos, took place at Istanbul Congress Centre, Turkey  on 4 - 8 May. Dr Pla presented the paper 'Context Management in Health Care Apps' at the IX Workshop on Agents Applied in Healthcare. The paper is co-authored by eXiT members Dr Beatriz López, Dr Albert Pla and Natalia Mordvanyuk and by IdibGi's researchers Dr Cristina Armero and Dr Abel López Bermejo.

Albert Pla is a member of the Institute of Informatics and Applications. He earned a PhD in 2014 and carries out research on several AI topics such as decision support systems and Case-Based Reasoning with a special emphasis on their application to smart monitoring and smart healthcare. IdibGi is the Girona Institute of Biomedical Research.