Roberto Petite and Andrés El-Fakdi at ACCUS meeting


On 2-3 April, Roberto Petite and Andrés El-Fakdi attended  a meeting of the ACCUS project in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ACCUS, an international project in the field of Smart Cities, aims to improve urban systems such as energy, traffic and outdoor lighting. Within the project, the eXiT research team of the IIiA is developing new models of energy consumption for urban buildings. During the meeting, Roberto and Andrés presented these models and showed how they can be used to monitor the energy consumption  of a specific building or to benchmark against other buildings. These models will be subsequently tested in two pilot cities: Ljubljana, Slovenia and Gdansk, Poland.

Andrés El-Fakdi is a researcher at eXiT. Roberto Petite is a project manager at the group. ACCUS stands for Adaptive Cooperative Control in Urban (sub)Systems. It is a 3-year project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking. The grant reference is ART-010000-2013-2-333020-1.